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Thrown overboard for your wretched, scumbaggy ways, you were left to die in the icy black sea. But this fate would not be your end. In many ways, it would be your beginning . . .

Vindication® celebrates its award-winning six year history with a big box Archive edition that captures all the existing content (and introduces some swanky new stuff).

From the creators of the critically acclaimed Unsettled® board game

Ultimate version includes expansions, exclusives, upgrades & bonus content*

Fits perfectly in IKEA Kallax shelving

*Does not include card sleeves, neoprene mat, Overgrowth card pack or any content or items produced after October 2021.

Vindication is a very approachable fantasy euro with loads of modular content so you can modulate the complexity and depth to suit the mood

Find vindication in the methods that most appeal to you. Form a party of companions, develop new traits, search for relics, battle monsters, acquire pets, craft jewels, or leave it all to chance and just hang out by the wishing well. With variable end-game triggers and a modular map comprised of unique locations to visit, no two roads to redemption will be the same. The fates have given you a second chance – and plenty to do along the way.

Critical Reception

You are wretched...

After a life chasing wealth and excess, your cruelty and corruption finally caught up to you and you were thrown overboard, left to die in the icy black sea. But your broken past is not the end of your story . . .

Moments before vanishing into endless darkness, you wash ashore an island of ancient ruins. As you open your eyes to your bizarre new home, you find that something better, something stronger has awakened inside you. 

There is work to do. You have nothing but the beating of your heart, the breath in your lungs, and a tarnished past pleading to be rewritten.

The most important provisions come from within...

In Vindication, you’ll explore the various regions on the island, looking for opportunities to expand your influence and gain honor. Each region tile (revealed fog-of-war-style from a bag as you explore) provides access to a unique action or effect. Many lead to the gaining of cards to your tableau. Others enable you to gain and convert your internal attributes. 

You and your companions will create a unique storyline, which may include: acquiring relics, attaining traits, defeating monsters, befriending pets, expanding your party, controlling regions, performing secret quests and much more; all in the service of your journey to attain the most honor. 

At the heart of all of this—the attribute alchemy system. To succeed, you’ll need to strategically exert your influence. Doing so will bring the attributes of inspiration, knowledge and strength. Then, you can combine them to attain the heroic attributes of courage, vision and wisdom.

Each game will evolve very differently as you and the other players pursue your own distinct adventure—until one or more of the variable end-game conditions are met and your journey comes to an end. 

Read the Rulebook

For an in-depth, turn-by-turn look at gameplay, download and read the latest rulebooks.

Tons of content for maximum replayability...

Each time you play you select which of the game’s many modular elements you wish to include. There are dozens and dozens of region tiles to swap in and out; side boards that add access to additional elements like relationships with the islands mysterious guilds, or additional islands just off the shore you can visit; new card types you can introduce to bring new layers to strategy; an attribute check dice system; an event system; and much more. 

Everything is crafted to the exquisite Orange Nebula standard. There are gorgeous metal pieces everywhere, 3mm black-core punchboards with a density comparable to light wood, world class miniatures of impressive scale and striking designs, linen-finished black-core die-cut cards, a Game Trayz system that reduces setup time to almost nothing, and a lusciously smooth double-sided map. Even the wooden blocks are uniquely tinted and distinguished. 

The Archive of the Ancients is the ultimate “all-in” collection of everything Vindication in a brand-new “big box” storage solution for all the content from this game’s robust six-year history.

Archive of the Ancients Big Box

Introduces loads of new quality-of-life content

  • Single box storage solution, including multiple illustrated card storage boxes
  • Set of 24 Black-Core Dividers
  • 5 Dual-layered Action Trackers
  • Unified Rulebook
  • Entirely new GameTrayz™ System with colored personal player trays

Vindication Base Game

Leaders & Alliances Expansion

  • Thick leader boards and wooden rapport markers
  • Introduces 2 solo modes
  • And a variety of extras: variant dice, new region tiles, expanded monument mini content, character-art standees, and a lusciously large mulberry scumbag

Villages & Hamlets Expansion

Loads of brand new modular content. 

  • Over 20 map region tiles,
  • a full set of D12 dice for a new attribute check mechanic
  • 15 card treachery pack, 15 card loot pack
  • Village and hamlet boards
  • Forgotten Isle board,
  • Assorted delightful tokens
  • Other miscellany

World Box: Odyssey

  • Worldbox Promo Pack 2020
  • Odyssey Playable Module w/Dual-Layered Board
  • Embroidered Patch & Sticker

Chronicles Expansion

Dramatically expands the game’s narrative 

  • 192 Chronicles Cards
  • 5 pads of character sheets
  • 48 tarot-sized event cards
  • 3 event boards and 12 event markers with stands
  • 30 tarot-sized legendary title cards
  • Firewind Festival board
  • Assorted wondrous tokens

Promotional & Other Items

  • OG Boulder Hulk Miniature
  • Boulder Hulk Awakened Miniature
  • 2018 Promo Pack
  • 2019 Community Promo Pack
  • 2020 Wintertide Pack
  • 2021 Community Promo Pack
  • Promo Pair : Dice Tower
  • Promo Pair : Man Vs. Meeple
  • Promo Pair : Board Game Spotlight
  • Promo Pair : Board Game Revolution

The Archive of the Ancients does not include card sleeves, neoprene mat, or any content or items produced after October 2021. These items can be purchased separately at

Frequently Asked Questions

I backed a previous Vindication Kickstarter campaign. Does this version have new or different content?

This is a hard one since each campaign had its own lineup of pledge tiers, add ons, etc. Here is where various elements in the Archive became first available to perhaps spark your memory. What you’ve snagged on campaigns, in the pledge manager as add-ons, through our store, or through the Unsettled campaign is between you and your shelves.

Campaign 1 – Vindication (2017) 

  • Vindication, Tuuk-Tuuk Boulder Hulk Kickstarter Exclusive Mini

Campaign 2 – Vindication & Leaders & Alliances (2019)

  • Leaders & Alliances, 2019 Community Pack, Boulder Hulk Awakened

Campaign 3 – Vindication Chronicles (2020)

  • Chronicles, Villages & Hamlets, 2021 Community Pack

Website Releases (2017-2021)

    • Wintertide Pack
    • Various promo pairs
    • Odyssey World Box

Is this game available at retailers?

A handful or retailers have supported our Kickstarter campaigns, but, by and large, Vindication is not readily available at retail. The best way to get Vindication (or any game content) is directly from our website.

Will Vindication return to Kickstarter?

We will continue to release new game content to keep Vindication fresh and new, however there are no current plans for Vindication to reprint or return it to Kickstarter. Now is the best time to grab your copy.

What is NOT included with Vindication: Archive of the Ancients?

The Archive contains all content through October 2021. At time of writing (Nov 2023) the only items not included are: the Overgrowth, Remnants, and Penitence card packs, card sleeves, the neoprene play mat, and any content-creator supporting promo pairs released since. These can all be purchased on our website.

What is the "Rectification Kit"?

The Chronicles expansion suffered some misprinted and missing components. These issues are present in the Archive of the Ancients Edition of Vindication. A “rectification kit” of replacement pieces will ship alongside the game to bring everything to its intended wholeness. If yours does not, an email to [email protected] will quickly remedy that. 🙂 

Orange Nebula is a creative agency making pop-culturey passion projects. 

Joining us in this quest is a community that holds high-caliber design and
thoughtful playfulness in equal regard. 

Vindication® is property of Orange Nebula, LLC — ©2024 All Rights Reserved

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